Your First Choice for Ultraviolet Lamp Technology

First Light Technologies, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of both low (185 and 254nm wavelengths) and medium pressure UVC lamp. First Light Technologies’ products are used in the disinfection of municipal wastewater, industrial process water and primary drinking water. First Light’s lamps are also used extensively in the disinfection of air and HVAC systems. Additional applications include food and beverage processing and ink curing applications. First Light’s full line of germicidal lamps is designed to provide the highest level of performance for each of our partner’s applications.

First Light Technologies’ manufacturing process allows us to provide our customers with lamps customized to fit their specific application. Details such as lamp diameter, length, base configuration and operating currents can be tailored to fit the OEM needs.

First Light Technologies, Inc’s entire operations are based exclusively in the USA at our facility in Poultney, Vermont. Our 65 employees are proud of First Light’s exemplary reputation in the UV marketplace for quality cost effective UV lamps.