Welfare Benefit Plan Wrap Summary Plan Description


In conjunction with the carrier certificates and other important plan documents (available below and denoted with an "*"), First Light Technologies, Inc. as the plan administrator, utilizes the “WRAP” document above to add (“wrap”) required ERISA language to these certificates.


file-icon-pdf[1].pngEmployee Welfare Benefits Premium Contributions 2020*

file-icon-pdf[1].pngPremium Conversion (POP) & Health Savings Account (HSA) Summary Plan Description*

MVP Health Plan & Health Reimbursement Account

file-icon-pdf[1].pngMVP VT Gold 3 HDHP Plus w/ Integrated HRA Summary of Benefits and Coverage

file-icon-pdf[1].pngMVP VT Plus HDHP Gold $2,700_$5,400 Benefit Summary*

file-icon-pdf[1].pngMVP HRA Summary Plan Description  

file-icon-pdf[1].pngMVP VT Gold 3 HDHP Gold $2,700  $5,400 Certificate of Coverage   

CBA Blue Dental/Vision Benefits

file-icon-pdf[1].pngCBA Summary Plan Description

file-icon-pdf[1].pngCBA Blue Dental Vision Benefit Summaries

Mutual of Omaha Short Term Disability Benefits

file-icon-pdf[1].pngShort Term Disability Benefits Summary

file-icon-pdf[1].pngShort Term Disability Benefits Booklet

file-icon-pdf[1].pngShort Term Disability Certificate Summary*

Mutual of Omaha Long Term Disability Benefits

file-icon-pdf[1].pngLong Term Disability Benefits Summary

file-icon-pdf[1].pngLong Term Disability Benefits Booklet

file-icon-pdf[1].pngLong Term Disability Certificate Summary*

Mutual of Omaha Life AD&D Benefits

file-icon-pdf[1].pngLife and AD&D Benefits Summary

file-icon-pdf[1].pngLife and AD&D Benefits Booklet

file-icon-pdf[1].pngLife and AD&D Certificate*

file-icon-pdf[1].pngDesignation of Beneficiary Form


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Employee Welfare Benefit Plans

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Employee Group Benefits Documentation Acknowledgement

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