Technical Papers - High Output Lamps

Low pressure lamps have always been the most efficient ultraviolet source in the marketplace. The First Light engineering team has developed a complete line of “High Output Lamps” designed to increase lamp intensity while maintaining lamp efficiency.

These lamps are designed to control lamp temperature (internal vapor pressure) while increasing lamp power and UV intensity. Due to the temperature effect of various applications in the market today, several lamp designs are available to allow customers to successfully implement High Output lamps in their systems.

Technical Papers - High Output Lamps - Long Mount and Internal Cold ChamberLong Mount and Internal Cold Chamber. This lamp design extends the electrodes (filaments) further into the lamp body and incorporate a mica shield to create a chamber (cold spot) outside of the lamp arc. This area does not reach the temperature seen within the arc thereby allowing the mercury to migrate to during lamp operation and control it internal vapor pressure.

Technical Papers - High Output Lamps - Long Life MountLong Life Mount.This design reduces the chamber behind the electrode to even less than a standard lamp. A single piece filament (no weld or crimp) is used to allow for the added temperature expected during operation. This type of lamp is offered to support cold water applications or maximize the produce of 185nm wavelength where maintaining the lamp temperature is critical to performance.